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Did you know the higher the resolution imagery, the less amount of work it takes for your brain to process?


8K is a whopping 16 times the pixels of HD and four times the pixels of 4K. The higher the pixels, the more information is retained in the picture on display, making it easier for your brain to process the imagery. In other words, you’re using less brain power to watch a higher resolution display.

So that's where we come in. 

Here at Abstract Digital Cinema, our current workflow is based on real-time native DCI (Digital Cinema Initiative) 8K format. From pre-production to post, we have the perfect formula down. Our Directors of Cinematography, Engineers, technicians and camera teams work primarily on RED DSMC2 (Digital Stills Motion Capture®) line of cameras. ADC Technicians are knowledgeable on every aspect of 8K.


8K doesn't start when we turn on the camera. We start the process early on; ADC Artists understand how to write, design, and orchestrate a visual story for 8K.  ADC creative teams then come in to make that dream a reality. 

You can count on us for 8K digital workflows. 

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